Open your business in India


Find the procedures to open a license for business in India.

Structuring of Entity is core of business, in first Step you need to decide which type of entity you should register so that you can get maximum Tax Benefits, you can register OPC, Private Limited, Partnership, LLP, Branch Office, Liaison Office, Project Office or Public Limited Company.    

Structure of entity depends on nature of transaction, nature of industry and Residential Status of Investor. 

Next is to reserve the Name of your company with Government Department. Name of company should be unique which should be in  any existing company with same name and there should not be any trademark register with the same

An electronic form a signature from an individual.  Digital signature  are required at various stage in the process of company registration in India for directors and shareholders,  We can get the signature from  Authority in India. To get the process done you will be required to do one video call.

The next is preparation of documents like Drafting the Articles of Association , Memorandum of Association , other relevant form for company registration in India are bye laws of company need to be draft very carefully .  

All the company registration Form should be signed by directors and shareholders. These documents need to be signed in presence of Attorney/counsellor and need to get Notary/Apostle /Attestation.  Documents need to get Notary only or apostle / attestation depends on the country of Investor.

We need to do filing the documents with the respective Registrar of Company (ROC). This process can be done by Company Secretary or Chartered Accountant Registered in India, after company registration you need to apply for Tax registration as well with Income tax department.

If all documents are in order then ROC will approve your application and allot the following,

 Certificate of incorporation, 

PAN-Permanent Account Number, 

TAN- Tax Account Number and 

DIN- Director Identification Number

Once the company registered you need to open an international bank account. So Next step is to open corporate bank account with international bank so that you can access your account from any part of the world.

Once you open the bank account you will able to get GST Registration using Same DSC.

Some more final steps

A registered office

There should be a physical address and should have a registered office  in India The registered office is where documents may be legally served on the company . we help you to get a registered office any state of India.

Indian Company Directors

Your Indian company requires just 2 directors and one of them should be Indian Resident. We are willing to provide Indian Resident Director Services to international clients at initial stage of setting up business.

Indian Company Shareholders

Minimum Two Shareholder are required for your Indian company. Corporations or individuals with any Nationality can be Shareholders of an Indian Company. So being Foreign National you can hold 100% Ownership of your Indian Company.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital required is INR 100,000/-  approx 1400 USD. The most commonly used type of company structure in India is the Private Limited company. The minimum share capital requirement for a Private Limited Company is INR 100,000/- we help International clients to meet all above requirement and also willing to provide resident director and registered Office Address in any state of India.  

We need the following documents to start.....

  • Your proposed Company Name
  • Purpose of Company
  • The directors full name, date of birth, address and nationality(copy of passport & Any Utility Bill)

The shareholders full name and address(copy of passport & Any Utility Bill )